Open Call for Models

My name is Evan Kaufman I'm a professional photographer working primarily with commercial and editorial clients in the PNW.  I'm currently looking for 2-3 people in the month of September 2018 to work with for portraits session that will help grow my body of work.  You will need to be able to come to or live in Eugene for this opportunity.

My full portfolio of work can be seen here:
An example of what a portrait shoot with me looks like like can be seen here:

I'm currently looking for:

- Models with a basic or extensive amount of experience, both men and women
- People who are not models that have a strong physical practice of some type (for example a black belt in Aikido, a bodybuilder, etc etc) and are interesting in modeling.

What does this pay? 

No money is offered, in trade I will supply you a selection of full edited and retouched images for your time. 

What about make up, clothes etc?

In some cases I will supply a stylist or make up artist for the shoot in other examples I ask the model to handle these details (each situation is different). 

Do I need to include a photo? 

You must include a link to a public place I can see photos of you, if you don't do this I will not review your application. Do not send me private social media account links, I need to easily be able to review a few photos without following / liking your page.  If you don't have this setup do not send in a application. 

How to I choose who I work with?

I review photos and the application, people I contact typically show modeling ability or potential for modeling and a considered web presence.  If your about to send me a link to your instagram page with dog pictures and poor quality selfies taken while you were drunk I am not going to respond.  I want to see well lit photos that show facial features, your body shape and ability to emotionally connect with the viewer. Photos don't need to be professional but do need to show something more then a average social media feed.  

Please fill out this form, if I'm interested in your application I will contact you via email.  My response times varies, expect 2-5 business days.

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These needs to be a public website / social media account. I will not review pages that require"friending" or "following".
I will not follow or friend you, if your sending a social media account name is needs to be public and easy to review.