Our first professional impressions of someone often occur online. Headshot photography that is not only technically well-produced but also highlights the emotional tone a client wants to communicate is critical. My process combines insights about facial expression and artistic refinement to deliver an exceptional experience and outstanding results. I work with all ages and types of people, from actors, CEOs, and small business owners to people who need a great photos for online dating and even for fun.

Consultations are free and recommended to all clients prior to booking, we can meet at my studio or if travel is a issue we can arrange a phone or Skype call to best fit your schedule. My full portfolio can be seen at https://evankaufman.photo, contact details are listed below on this page or at the contact page within the portfolio.


Each client I work with is unique, some clients needs are straightforward while other require careful consideration and planning.

In Studio - $249
Expressions that connect.

On Location
Outdoors, or at a location of your choice.

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