Brigid Deck

In August of 2018 I worked with model Brigid Deck ( @brigid_deck ).  The evening of one of the shoots the sky was a mix between sun and clouds with forest fire smoke giving sunlight a unusual orange cast. Working with the light some great images emerged.  A selection of photos from the shoot can be seen below, the full set of images can be seen in my portfolio

Q&A with Brigid:

What is the most challenging aspect to modeling? 

The most challenging aspect of modeling for me so far has been persistence! Like everything in life, it includes rejection and failure. So far however, this challenge has been really good for me, as it is pushing me to improve, and too be better. 

How to you feel 30 minutes before a shoot is about to occur? 

Thirty minutes prior to a shoot I am thinking of the setting, and how best I can make it work with what I am wearing, and the kind of look or feeling that I want to convey in the shoot. I feel nervous, but also exited to model, and to see the aftermath of what I am helping create.

What does creativity mean to you? 

To me, creativity is what comes straight from the heart, the minute you let it. Creativity is impulse, and can be aided by letting go of your self judgment and inner fears.  

How to you stay confident under pressure? 

When I find myself under pressure I try my best to eliminate, or ignore, my self judgment as that is where the real inhibition to my confidence is coming from. Instead I focus on my strengths, and on enjoying what I am doing. 

Who is your dream client? 

My dream client is Lululemon Athletica! I love Lululemon's quality products, their emphasis on yoga, and the philosophy that they work with.