Spring 2018 Real Estate

April marks the start of real estate photography season in the Willamette Valley and western Oregon. My phone has started to ring with requests for shooting homes this past week. Coming back back to real estate work after a winter break I am excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities for further developing my style this year. 

I'm in the process of selling off all my 35mm format equipment and moving completely over to medium format, a prospect that is a big challenging due the lack of wide and ultra wide lenses for medium format systems. Dynamic range and sharpness is vastly improved, but the process is slower overall, especially in the processing. Last year I could easily do 3-4 homes in a day using a Nikon D5 and a 10-24mm Sigma lens, I'm down to about 2 per day with my Fuji GFX. The time it takes is killing me but the results speak for themselves. 

You can see more of my architecture and real estate work in my portfolio.