Cultivate - Tiny House

Architect: Dylan Lamar / Cultivate
Project Labor Volunteered by Buddha Eye
Photographer Evan Kaufman

At the start of 2018 a project to build a tiny house as a fundraiser for Buddha Eye Temple in Eugene, Oregon took place. This project was a creative way to raise funds and was made possible by the architect Dylan Lamar. His involvement facilitated the design but also the core building aspects of the project day to day. The construction took place on site at Buddha Eye and used all volunteer labor to produce the house. The material choices were ecologically driven with a focus on the home being highly efficient to heat and cool.

The project was wrapped up in the late summer of 2018 with the delivery of the home to its new owner. Overall the project was a success and served as as platform for Dylan and his company Cultivate to continue creating sustainable housing solutions in the Pacific Northwest.

More information on the project can be seen on the Cultivate Website.