Holiday Inn Express - Keizer Oregon

Recently I was hired to work with Holiday Inn Express photographing a hotel in Keizer Oregon. Keizer is close to Portland and right outside of the Salem area and servers as a hub for commerce related to agriculture in the Willamette Valley. The client wanted high quality images that stood out helping the Hotel attract a wide set of clients and also showcase the quality of the newly built hotel.

Eugene Oregon Tiny House

At the start of 2018 a project to build a tiny house as a fundraiser for Buddha Eye Temple in Eugene, Oregon took place. This project was a creative way to raise funds and was made possible by the architect Dylan Lamar.

Brigid Deck

The evening of one of the shoots the sky was a mix between sun and clouds with forest fire smoke giving sunlight a unusual orange cast. Working with the light some great images emerged. 

Watching Infinity

When I hold the viewfinder of my camera up to my eye, every perspective, every landscape, offers me new glimpses of a vast expanse that has no end and no beginning. 


My first impression of Minneapolis was of isolation—oddly uninhabited for such a populous place. No graffiti, no neon colors, no mess I associate with large cities such as Portland, Seattle or San Francisco.  Everything seemed ordered, as if the city was designed by a single architecture firm obsessed with art deco and a directive to put outlandish angles all over everything. The visual consistency is surprising, not something I expected.

Spring 2018 Real Estate

April marks the start of real estate photography season in the Willamette Valley and western Oregon. My phone has started to ring with requests for shooting homes this past week. Coming back back to real estate work after a winter break I am excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities for further developing my style this year. 

Justin Woodward

Justin Woodward is a professional Trumpet player located in Chicago, with frequent trips to Oregon. Justin’s musical style is a mix of influences from Asia, experimental music, and Jazz. I spent most of a day in the Studio with Justin to produce the images below with another day or two of post-production. Many themes emerged in the photographs, reflecting on them I see confidence, connection, spirit, repetition and longing. 

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Hitsuzendō or "the way of Zen through brush" is a form of artistic expression rooted in traditional Japanese brush work. The attainment of "clear mind" comes with a focus on the use of simple forms and concentrated effort. Traditionally sumi ink is painted on various types of rice paper using animal hair brushes.


I’m fascinated by the visual sights that make Eugene and Portland the distinctive places they are. Having grown up in the Willamette Valley, I understand the blend of nature and urban landscapes that make our area different from most places in the country. The rain causes decay, the trees create shadow, the nearby ocean adds wonder. Culture in Eugene and Portland is unique, this is echoed in the architecture of the urban landscape.

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Portrait of JG

“If this life be not a real fight, in which something is eternally gained for the universe by success, it is no better than a game of private theatricals from which one may withdraw at will. But it feels like a real fight.”- William James

Two Memories

About a decade ago I was learning how to practice zazen at Buddha Eye Temple. I recall a summer morning where you could hear a small child sing while meditating. After meditation was over I looked out the windows to see Satsuki McMullen sitting under a fig tree, she was dancing, singing and playing. Something about the way she moved and sang under that tree caught my attention, my memory of it seems brighter, and more luminous then it should.